Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!
Ranked in the top 1% of Real Estate Companies in the US!

Why List Your Home With Us

You need and deserve a Realtor who will share your goals and can be trusted to expertly market what may be the single most valuable asset you own. You can be comfortable knowing that we at Mihara & Associates will share your expectations and concerns and will work to make all aspects of the sale of your home a positive experience.

Our Real Estate Team

Every Realtor who joins Mihara & Associates is hand selected based on their skill set and track record. We work together because we respect each other personally as well as professionally. We work together as a Team in the true sense of the word.


Realtors with Mihara & Associates offer you: sales, negotiation, marketing, organization, economic analysis, seller representation, and just plain old good advice. We create some of the most effective and successful sales and marketing strategies in the area. We bring you the best mortgage counselors, title companies, home inspectors, and repair contractors.

Effective Communication

We keep our sellers fully informed from the time we join forces to closing. Home sales is an evolving process – it's simply the nature of the business. We'll know what's going on in every step of the process, and so will you because the better we communicate, the more effective we can be.


When working with Mihara & Associates, you'll get the same careful, focused, and energetic marketing of your home. Yes, our personalities are different, but each home is marketed with the same individualized, planned strategy.


A vital step in the process of selling your home is contract negotiation. In fact, contract negotiation is the essence of the sale. The best negotiators realize that negotiation is an art, not a science. Let us assist you with the art of negotiation so you get the best terms and the best price for your home.


Our own personal investments in real estate have been profitable. Investing in something you know about is the key to successful investing, and using someone with this track record certainly has its benefits.

Strategic Marketing

Traditionally, most real estate agents only look at the listed home and don't consider the neighborhood. We, on the other hand, painstakingly learn all we can about the neighborhood so we can price and market your home to sell quickly and at a price that reflects the value of homes in your area. After all, we not only have your interest at heart, we also want to maximize the value of all homes in your neighborhood, thereby making us a valuable asset to all home sellers. That's strategic marketing!

Biannual Sales Reports

Our biannual sales reports are mailed to over 30,000 homes in our specialized neighborhoods and have given us the unique opportunity to capture buyers early and, therefore, increase selling opportunities to our selling customers.

Top Agent Referral Network

We have a reciprocity relationship with other top agents across the country. This means we receive buyer referrals from all over the country, another way of increasing our pool of buyers (relocation buyers usually purchase quickly). And for those of our sellers who are relocating, we can refer you to top agents to help you find your new home. There is no fee to you for this service.

A Track Record of Success

Mihara & Associates measures its success not only by the number of homes they have sold but, more importantly, by the satisfaction of their many clients. Our goal is to obtain 100% of our business solely from referrals. Join the growing number of well-satisfied home sellers and list with Mihara & Associates!

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I live and work in Buffalo, New York and was desperately looking to find a property for my parents to spend the Winter. I was telling my colleague Claire at work about my concern for my parents spending another Winter in Buffalo, so she told me about Ray. She said she knew Ray from high school and that they kept in touch. She offered to talk to Ray and from that day on, Ray was there for us! He offered us a lot of options until we found exactly what we were looking for. We were able to rely on Ray and his team for everything. We never even saw the house till after we paid and closed! We trusted Ray because of his professionalism and friendly nature. Ray advocated for us and treated us like family! He went and looked at the house, researched the property.  We were happy with his assessment and signed off on the sale; eventually when we were able to see the house a few weeks after closing we were very pleased! Ray and his team were very helpful and they made it very convenient for us with digital communications that fit our schedules. He even went with the inspector and sent us videos of any possible issues. A truly amazing experience. I still thank my colleague I work with every time I see her, for introducing us to Ray! Thank you Ray and team, we can't wait to buy our next house with you and your team!  Especially since my parents love the house so much now, they say they may never leave, so I need to find another house :-) 

Review from Abeer

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